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This is the land of water, of hills, and of vineyards. The Ardèche River runs alongside this region all the way to the Rhône Valley. To the south, you can see the serrated gorges of the Cèze River.
The forest of Valbonne stretches out between the two rivers and encloses a magnificent Carthusian monastery.
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From Montclus to la Roque sur Cèze, the villages along the water have charming little beaches for you to enjoy beneath the cool shade of trees. Water is so prevalent in this area that the village of Goudargues has been dubbed "the Venice of the Gard."

Towns and villages ::
La Roque sur Ceze
Laval Saint Roman
Le Garn
Saint Andre de Roquepertuis
Saint Christol de Rodieres
Saint Gervais
Saint Julien de Peyrolas
Saint Laurent de Carnols
Saint Michel d'Euzet
Saint Privat de Champclos

    Cascades du Sautadet Carthusian Monastery of Valbonne Sabran Saint Gervais Saint Laurent de Carnols Saint Michel d'Euzet La Roque sur Ceze Saint Privat de Champclos Le Garn Montclus Saint Andre de Roquepertuis Goudargues Barjac Cornillon Saint Christol de Rodieres Issirac Salazac Laval Saint Roman Aigueze Saint Julien de Peyrolas