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Natural sites
An exceptional natural heritage  


Nature is ever-present in this part of the Gard. The area is traversed by the Rhône, the king of all rivers, a long road of tempestuous water flanked by wooded banks and dotted with hidden islands.

On the hills at the heart of this region, the odors of thyme, savory, and rosemary vie with each other, and in the springtime, the arid rocks are covered by dazzling colors: the vibrant yellow of the thorny gorse bushes, the pink of the cyste whose petals are like crushed silk, and the varying hues of a multitude of flowers.
On the two rivers, the Tave and the Cèze, you can enjoy water activities of all sorts. Their banks contain flora and fauna of a very Mediterranean character.

Among these landscapes, which range from polished gardens to savage wilderness, you can find three incomparable natural sites that are not to be missed: the narrows of Lussan, the Sautadet cascades in la Roque sur Cèze, and the Ceze river gorges between Saint André de Roquepertuis and Tharaux.